The New Year has started out quite well and this week has been fun.

Monday – We took our youngest  to the airport and she is beginning her second semester of University. I think she was very happy to be going back to school after a relatively quiet 2 weeks of vacation. We are on our own again.

Tuesday -Our first night of Gun club. We live in a small rural community where hunting is big .   My husband loves to hunt and I occasionally will go out in the woods with a gun during hunting season. My thought is that if you are going to hunt you want to be a  good shot so gun club seems like a good idea.

What I found out after my first night:

  • You don’t have to like hunting to like to shot a gun. It is just fun to work on  firing a tight pattern at a target 75 feet away under various scenarios.
  • These people take the sport very seriously and it is very competitive.
  • They are very closed mouthed & don’t share much about technique, favorite firearm, scope or stance.
  • I was the only female but maybe more will show up in following weeks.   Tip – Girls,  the men seemed very nice, from all walks of life & if you want to meet guys this might be a very good place to do it.

Wednesday- Our first night of Salsa Dancing lessons & official  date night. We have been trying to take dance lessons for over 25 years & with everyone’s busy schedules, it has never worked out. So… this has been much anticipated and I have to say it is living up to expectations.

Want to put a spark into your sex life – this is one way to do it!

  • You are dancing close to your guy, you both  feel the rhythm (when you get it right) and you are moving in time to the  beat of the salsa. Fun, fun, fun – our hour of class was over before we knew it and we are much looking forward to the next lesson but I am sure we will need to practice, practice, practice over the next week!

Thursday  – I had some appointments in my old town so I met up with my girlfriends at the local pub. We had a great time catching up and we have started making plans for a girls vacation in the Florida Keys this spring. One thing that is very important in this life are your friends & I think we need to move them up a bit higher on the priority list and  make the time get together & keep the connection alive. Some of us also went to Avatar 3D. WOW! What a great movie – best I have seen in recent memory. You need to see it 3D though. Let me know what you think!

Weekend Plans- My Husband & I left Maine on Friday to head for a long weekend of skiing  in Vermont. We spent Friday night catching up with some old friends in New Hampshire and on Saturday arrived at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe,VT. Our 2 oldest children came too as they are still on university  break. I am not on skis yet as my foot is not ready for a ski boot but I am hitting the gym today while the rest of the family hits the slopes. It is a beautiful but cold day here so we will see how long they last in the cold.I wish I could go too & have brought my skis so maybe I’ll see if I can get the boot on tomorrow & see if it hurts to put weight on my foot.

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3 Comments on Gun Club, Salsa Lessons & Girls Night Out

  1. Susan says:

    I just saw Avatar 3D in IMAX – It was an experience! The story line is not original – “imperialist human beings invade new planet to take over the resources for their own gain and too bad if indigenous people get in the way”, but the effects are amazing and it is definitely worth seeing!

  2. nancy says:

    Gun Club… I had to chuckle at your discovery. I was an NRA defensive handgun instructor when I lived in VA. There are not many women in the sport but it is growing. The men I know who are in it will not shut up about it. It could be that they have to build trust in you. Or if they sense you look down on them or made light of there sport, they will clam up. I have found men are very helpful with “gun stuff” if you are a single woman… they tend to shy away when you are with another man. And most are there because they are working on something… they are focused… men who are focused do not tend to be “helpful”. Keep going, keep being friendly, and if nothing else take advantage of any classes offered. They should warm up when they see your interest is genuine.

  3. Laura says:

    I have to agree with Susan – the whole time I was watching this movie I though “hmm where have I seen this before?” Fern Gully – cutting down the big tree that they all live in…but I definitely loved this movie!

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