I like to find the best deal available  & when my family goes on vacation I can usually find a 3 star or higher at a large discount.

Let me show you my favorite sites to surf on the internet.

My favorite name your own price sites.

  1. Priceline
  2. Hotwire

With these 2 sites, they will look for the best deal and tell you  the price,  hotel name & exact location. If you are not as picky you can do better, you Name your own price – you can search a particular location and what star level you would like and name what price you would like to pay.

Things you should know:

  • You need to provide credit card information & if they accept your bid, your card is billed & you are committed. No cancellations or refunds.
  • There is information on the web site letting you know what others have recently paid for a room so you have some idea what to bid. Priceline also let you know what the rooms are going for & you can expect can usually submit a bid of 40% less and get accepted
  • If your bid is rejected, you can rebid but you need to change 1 piece of criteria. My trick is to come in with a low bid for a 3 star & if it is rejected try a 2 1/2 star with the same or slightly higher price. I usually find I get the best deals with the 3 star.
  • If you do not want to increase you bid you generally have to wait 24 hours before you are allowed to bid again.
  • I find that prices vary depending on the time of day and shopping at night usually gives you better deals.

Last weekend, we stayed at a 3 star hotel in downtown Quebec City for $50.00 plus tax. I was patient & submitted many bids over a 2 week period before I got my price accepted. In this instance, the going rate for the  hotels in the area decreased about a week before our check in date. Beware though: If it is a school vacation, high season, or there is a large conference in town – this will backfire.

Other favorite sites:

1. Ratestogo - This site is for 2 weeks or less in advance. I have been using this site for years & it is very good for international travel. For longer than 2 weeks they direct you to:

2. HotelclubIt is now powered by Orbitz but also a favorite.

3. TravelocityGood to check out & I once got a great deal on a package vacation here.

4. ExpediaI use Expedia more for airfare & car rental but have have booked the occasional room.

5. OrbitzSimilar to Expedia & Travelocity

6. Trip Advisor - I use Trip Advisor to get information from other travelers about hotels in areas that I am unfamiliar with, the site rates the hotels and lets you input your travel dates & you can use multiple sites to find the best price.

Last but not least – I subscribe to TravelZoo

7. Travelzoo A great site that sends you a weekly Top 20 list and you can do a search for any deals in your travel area. I have stayed at many nice places because of a travel zoo deal.

I am sure there are more that I have missed, let me know you favorites & share what works for you!

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