The green bikini resolution

Well I am almost 2 weeks into my New Year’s challenge & I am on target to fit into the Green Bikini by Feb 6th!


  • I have been working out every day, trying to do some cardio & toning of the muscles especially abs, butt & legs.
  • I have been using the Wii fit as part of the routine &  weighing in every morning keeps me accountable.
  • I have been to the gym using the elliptical machine, snow shoveling  & doing a lot of walking.


  • I have been following the same diet that is on my original post & it is working well. I am not feeling deprived but I did enjoy a few cosmo’s  this weekend on a snowmobile trip (I think I burned off the calories pulling the darn snowmobile out of the snow a few times though!)

As extra incentive, I am printing my bikini picture & taping it to the fridge on top of  a photo of a Hawaiian beach. That visual should be very effective as I count down the days.


  • For me, having a definite time frame for this, keeps it real. I am a bit of a procrastinator so I am very good with short, specific deadlines.
  • Having a reward at the end is a must & a significant one keeps us going through the temptations.
  • Taking affirmative action feels good. Often in the winter months we can drop into a hibernation stage & just exist, counting the days till spring.

How’s it going for you… any resolutions you are working on & any helpful comments?

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