I had to fill out a computer form yesterday  & when the confirmation  page came up I had inadvertently typed in 27 – close eh? Sometimes I find that I have to think really  hard before I remember my actual age – is that because I am in denial or is that the old age thing creeping in ??

This prompted an interesting discussion between my husband & I about how old we really felt. I have decided that 37 works for me, easy to remember – just subtract 10.

At 37…

  • you have knowledge & wisdom that you didn’t have in your 20′s.
  • you are in reasonably great shape & the body doesn’t fall apart after a hard day on the slopes.
  • menopause is not in your vocabulary – unless you are talking about your mother.
  • you can stay out late dancing & partying on Friday night & spring out of bed on Saturday morning – rather than moan about aches & pains.
  • 37 & no kids is even better – you don’t have to spring out of bed on Saturday morning if you don’t want to – you can get a little or a lot of playtime with the hubby whenever or wherever you want!
  • you can break in Spontaneous song & dance whenever you want – no kids going eeeew Mom.

So.. I’m 37 & the day is a wasting

It’s a beautiful sunny day & we are heading out on the snowmobiles with the snowshoes to explore & have a winter cookout.

Enjoy your day – wherever you are! Life is not a trial run…


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