The male perspective on sexMy husband Dave & I were discussing relationships & the number of  our friends that have gotten divorced, are in the process of divorce or have hit  a rough patch. Now, we were having the conversation over a few drinks & the conversation was flowing pretty smoothly, the way conversations often do when you have enjoyed a few libations ( did you know a libation is a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a God).

Of course – the conversation turned to sex, as we were speaking of the male & female species & Dave shared the male perspective on the matter.  I have  heard it all before but I thought it would be good to add The Male Perspective to the blog for educational purpose & if not that at least for entertainment!  So here goes:


“Sex is like breathing”, says my husband. It is a basic necessary physiological function not something to be contemplated. When it comes to men, the study of male sexual psychology 101 contains the same chapters as male sexual psychology 401.

The 3 F’s.

  • Feed them.
  • Fuck them.
  • Give them some Freedom so they can play with their guy friends.

Now, those who know me know I never use the F word but this is a male quote & I think it relays the point well. Apparently the 3 F’s  have been discussed around the campfire during male bonding (which also includes libations & many of them) & there is consensus on the 3 F’s.

The come away from this is that men are simple creatures & we need to stop adding a complexity to them that doesn’t exist.

So, let me know what you think. There must be some feedback from this one!  What would our list be like?

8 Comments on Men & Sex – The Male Perspective

  1. Nancy Shea says:

    My list would be the 3 S’s

    SPEND on me
    SHOP for me
    let me have the last SAY

    That was just to easy

  2. Roger says:

    Ahhh,,,,where do you expect me to go on THAT????

  3. Are we talking about men or boys?? Oh yeah- same thing. Sorry.

  4. Roger says:

    I do have to laugh. Maybe that is discussed around the campfire, but you should hear the conversation on the flight deck, on those l o n g crosscountry trips. Both from Male and female crew!!
    The females are much, much worse, in my humble opinion!! :)

  5. Heather says:

    Great to hear the comments! The 3 S’s are great & Roger – yes there has been an occasion or 2 (that I recall) where the female conversation has been, what word am I looking for?? graphic? descriptive? animated? maybe all of the above!

  6. Randy Kelly says:

    Sounds like the Dave I remember.

  7. Heather says:

    Yeah, he hasn’t changed a whole lot, though there were a number of years where he worked too much & was kind of uptight.

  8. Rick Juneau says:

    Those who can – DO
    Those who can’t– Teach.

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