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Why can’t we have a Costco in Maine? I love this store.

I have never been in a Costco before, my family members on Prince Edward Island make a  run to the Costco in New Brunswick (which is 1 1/2 hours away by car & a $45.oo bridge toll) so I knew it must have something going for it.

When I started reading the Hawaii guides on traveling cheap in Hawaii, they  mentioned stopping at Costco & stocking up on groceries, alcohol, gas & supplies so I thought I would check it out. Dave was not thrilled as I waited in line  a very very long time to purchase a $50.00 membership so he was gripping about wasting vacation hours,  sunshine, $50.00 & why the heck are we in a store where they sell stuff in bulk?  All valid points but he knew it was futile as I was determined.

Costco had him interested by produce, hooked him good at the cheese case and reeled him in as he drooled through the fresh fish & meat section.

If you have been following the blog you know I have been doing the “Hawaii with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget” series. This means that we have been cooking our own meals & rarely eating out. We both love to cook & enjoy cooking together so this has been nice especially as we have been staying in places with full kitchens, barbecues, patios & ocean views.

So back to Costco – here are a few of our favorite things we enjoyed with our purchases… (For my family members – I’m doing ” a Barb” & describing our weeks menu!)

  • Thunder Mountain 100% Kona coffee. $19.95/lb & incredible – What a way to start the morning! Restaurants & coffee stands were charging between $2.50 -$5.50 for a cup of the stuff & what we sampled was weaker than we like. (Yes, we are coffee snobs)
  • Ahi Tuna – really fresh & excellently grilled by Dave with a ginger based marinade with a side of rice & fresh young green beans.
  • Grilled boneless rib eye steaks, garlic smashed  potatoes & baby carrots.
  • Fresh shrimp – we kept going back for those.
  • Great selection of wines, beer & liquor, we bought Malibu coconut rum which we mix with pineapple juice & add a splash of cranberry juice,  served up in ice with a slice of fresh pineapple. Very refreshing & yummy!
  • Grilled Rack of Lamb; marinated in red wine, garlic, rosemary & chopped  sweet onion, served with smashed garlic potatoes (Colleen’s favorite so they were on the menu twice) & a Greek salad.
  • Fruit; strawberries, blueberries, mandarins, pineapples, cantaloupe, apples, papaya & a few local fruit I forget the names of.
  • Really really good Prosciutto & the best aged Gouda we have had in years. (Dave will do a Costco run to another state or province to stay stocked in this yummy treat)
  • The Store baked bread was great as well as their roasted Chickens.

Picnic on Green Sand beach, Hawaii

There is more but enough is enough. Suffice it to say we bought food not available in our home town, enjoyed preparing the meals togetherwe ate decadently & had great leftovers for our picnics the following day.

On most items, the prices were comparable to the mainland we just ate a bit more extravagantly than usual. The products were high quality & we also saved about 40 cents per gallon on gas.

Do you have any Costco favorite things?

To Costco executives – we need one in Maine!

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2 Comments on I Love Costco – my new favorite store!

  1. Karina says:

    We used to have a Costco in Newington, where the Christmas Tree Shops is now (the former Home Depot). It suddenly closed about 14 years ago. :(

    What I would like is to be able to order the stuff from the Hawaii Costco here in Maine at least! I miss Hawaiian Sun guava and lilikoi drinks, the Hawaiian salt, the ahi poke (OK yeah that wouldn’t travel well, lol), the Hawaiian cookbooks, the Mauna Loa macadamia nut packs…they even had these amazing-looking chocolate cream puffs, which I didn’t buy because I didn’t want to eat six of them by myself!

    I went to two Costcos on Oahu, and my favorite was Hawaii Kai. :)

    Thanks for the nice memory from my trip in May. And yes, I agree…we need a Costco here. But at least we’ll be getting a Trader Joe’s in Portland in November!

  2. robert owens says:

    We used the costco on kauai and saved a lot of money.i fell in love with thunder mountain 100%kona coffee.i just wish they carried it at my store in augusta ga.

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