Another weekend on the road!

It was a beautiful one with blue skies & warm temps.

This weekend we went all the way to Vermont to learn how to properly Salsa. Enio Cordoba, out of Los Angeles was our instructor. He owns the most popular Salsa club in Los Angeles- The Granada,  is a  judge at the World Salsa Championships in Orlando, and has choreographed for many of the top West Coast Salsa World Champions.

The workshop was terrific & we learned more about the dance of Salsa in the first hour than we learned in our 5 sessions this past winter. We would have had “LOSER” stamped on our foreheads if we had ventured into a Salsa dance club with those pathetic moves!

Salsa Lessons with Enio Cordoba :

  • There are 7 different styles of Salsa
  • 100′s of moves – but basically your feet always stay under your body & there is a lot of movement with your upper body & arms
  • Different styles of Salsa start on different beats of the music
  • How to figure out the beat – tricky…
  • The girl must follow the guy because of all of the above….
  • Techniques to help the guy lead.
  • Patterns, breaks, body styling

We were overwhelmed by the first hour & on brain overload as the day went on but we picked up lots of great info &  had fun.

Enio was a great instructor, he was awesome to watch & had us having fun with  Salsa. I am pretty confident we can now go into a club do some basic salsa moves &  learn from others on the floor.

The Take Away:

The Salsa workshop was Priceless!

Dave is a black & white kind of guy. When we practiced Salsa this past winter we often disagreed on the moves. He wanted to be very precise on recreating the step the instructor taught us, which were pretty stiff & rigid (or as Enio called it – Ballroom Salsa) but when the music got playing I liked to be more fluid with the steps & added more body movement then he deemed proper.

Enio taught was to have fun with Salsa, be fluid, feel the music & how to “Style it” (or make it ours)!

We also realized we needs lots of practice & we will purchase some of Enio’s Salsa lessons videos so we can practice at home. Does anyone know a good Salsa Club? I’m thinking Boston will be the closest to Maine.

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