This will be the 2nd annual Girls Getaway & we’ll be going to Key West for 4 fun filled days & nights in May to reconnect & recharge.

1st annual trip - We painted glasses to commemorate it.

Why May you ask? May is more affordable, less crowded & the temps will be tropical. We have increased our numbers from 3 to 6! Yeah! Very tricky to do as….

Taking time  for ourselves is really hard. We have major GUILT about putting ourselves first & we think  the world will fall apart if we are not around to keep the pieces together.


  • There is “something” going on that needs our attention. The something  being  “some crisis” at work, home etc. When is there never a crisis.
  • I can’t afford it. You can have a girls getaway without spending a lot of money. How about a weekend at one of your homes or camping & hiking at a State Park?
  • How will my child make it through the week without me. Who will make their lunch, get them to school, remind them to brush their teeth, get them to bed on time, remind them to do their home work & holler at them to get off of the computer or turn off the TV because they are rotting their brain. They will appreciate you better when you return.
  • Will my teenager(s) rip the place apart or land themselves in trouble with me gone? Okay – valid point but they have to grow up & cut the apron strings sometime – you need to do it in increments & not just  throw them out of the nest when they graduate high school.
  • How will my husband (or partner) survive as primary parent & is it worth it?  There will be a lot of gripping, so don’t call home.  Your mate & child will be building a stronger bond – never easy but priceless.
  • If you are a single parent – who will I get to watch the children. That is why it takes a community to raise a child. Call family, friends & beg(call your sanity into question) & return the favor.
  • Heck – I have heard a friend express concern that her husband couldn’t boil water – how would he possibly survive. I’m thinking, it’ll do him good he could stand to lose a few pounds!

………. and not only do you have to deal with your own self-inflicted Guilt but you have to deal with the Guilt from others – WHO will judge your selfish, extravagant ways.


  • Distance from your life helps puts it back into perspective.
  • We need to remember who we are; we are not just someone’s wife or mother or caregiver.
  • You need your Girlfriends! When the kids are grown or you lose your partner – you’ll always have your girlfriends! So keep  the bond.
  • Life is short, don’t put things off or life will pass you by.

So I am excited about our female bonding time. We picked Florida because 2 of the Girlfriends are from Florida,  we got great seat sales & the Key’s sound like fun. I would be just as excited if we got together at a campground on the coast and did some hiking or kayaking.

The Point is to make time for yourselves. My husband does & he is happier for it. He is always doing fishing or hunting weekends with his friends. In fact he is heading out this weekend to do some spring fishing & male bonding himself!

I look forward to his return. He will be relaxed, content & really happy to see me!!

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