Is this really true?

Dave is out of State fly-fishing, so I decided to head down State to spend girl time with my daughter Laura.

Laura’s husband is in the Navy so she has free access to the gym on base & we decide to go workout. We check out the schedule & try to decide what class we want to take.

Laura says, “the base is closing down & not many people are around so we’ll probably be in a class with a few other navy spouses”. We look at the schedule & I see Kick Boxing! Now I have not done kick boxing but years ago I took Tae Bo & loved it so my mental 29 year old self goes that would be a blast lets do it!!

To make a long story short - 90% of the class ARE Navy guys! & the workout is high intensity – we have entered into a Navy PE class & the instructor is making analogies of imaging the enemy as we are making our moves! Yow!

The class starts out pretty good, I’m doing the front kicks, back kicks & round houses but when we get the “drop & do 40″ – that means push ups – my mental 29 year old self meets the real me & I decide to skip that part after I make it to the count of 5 or else I am going to puke up all over the floor.( I forgot to mention Laura & I went to MacDonalds & had sausage McMuffins right before class.)

Anyway, the class was fun – we just skipped 2 more sets of the “drop & do 40″ & I skipped a bunch of kicks at the end as I did not want to fall over onto the Navy guys.  All in all – we did get a good job & got high 5′s  from the Instructor!

So yesterday morning we were a little sore but I begged Laura to go to Zumba as I have always wanted to try it, we stretch & head out – unfortunately (or fortunately) the gym was closed – reduced hours.

Probably a good thing…. as we were walking like robots by last night & any muscle movement was PAINFUL. I considered sleeping on the couch rather than taking the stairs up to bed!

Today – I’m still in pain but feeling better cause I’m wishing I lived in the town where I could take kick boxing & zumba instead of working out on the row machine or elliptical machine.

Laura says – maybe I should start some classes……. but spring is coming & I’ll soon be outside & rowing every day.

The Take Away:

With all of the muscle I tore up 2 days ago I must be rebuilding some totally excellent new muscle cuz it even  hurts to type!

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