I just spent a long weekend with my oldest daughter Laura, she is  a 23 year old, married,  first year law student and she is  very happy with her life and the path she & her husband are making for themselves.

How do you watch TV?

We had a great time together, working out, day trips, reminiscing about her years growing up & the subject of TV came up & how it affects our lives.

Laura is living on her own dime & being a student she has had to make choices on how to spend her $$ wisely. She has no TV, she has no internet at home or on her phone & no telephone land line.

  • She has more time to study - with TV,  you say just 1 more show  until you wonder where the time went or you are on the internet continually breaking up your concentration.
  • She has stopped wanting stuff -reality TV & advertising have a way of brain washing you so are always wanting… & feeling like “poor little me”.
  • She is happy with HER life – again Reality TV ,  she is not comparing her life to the fictitious lives of the reality stars with all of their wonderful possessions & travels.
  • She has more income – she calls it her text book money.

During our children’s teen years we took away cable TV. We kept the basic analog TV (of about 5 local channels) so we could  continue to have access to the  internet, watch the local news & a few favorite shows.  WHY?


  • Why would we want to watch others go about their daily lives? Made up for TV  lives – to bring in ratings & pull in advertisers.
  • Violence – there is so much of it in the news already. Do we want our children to be come conditioned to it & think it normal?


How much different would our lives be:

  • if we watched less TV & found more productive things to do with our time. What fun thing would you like to do? that you say you never have time for.
  • cut the cable & “streamed” our favorite shows or news from the internet. Do you know that an hour show on TV is only 30-40 minutes if you stream it on the internet. There are short ads but so short you don’t even have time for a bathroom break & forget about going to the kitchen & making a snack….
  • so… less TV commercials = less snacking!

What if we used those extra minutes to:

  • just sit & be…. enjoying the quiet within
  • listen to our favorite music & let it evoke our emotions
  • go for a walk
  • go work out
  • go to bed early & not be too tired to have some quality “fun time” with our significant other.

We live Cable TV Free, a friend recently stayed at our place while we were away & we got a urgent phone call – How do you turn on the TV? We do watch a little TV over the internet & have a few favorites.

We hook up our laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable & watch our shows over the internet. We are currently watching the Boston Legal series on  www.tvland.com. We are William Shatner fans from his Star Trek years & enjoying his performance on this series!

NEXT…. in the series will be on streaming TV over the internet & how to do it… so let me know your favorite sites, if you have cut or reduced your cable,  cost savings & what you are doing with your new found time!

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