Most of us have too little time & never enough money!

Cut the Cable!

Cancel your cable TV and stream media over the internet:

  • You’ll put major $$ in your pocket, enough that you can join the gym or do that extra activity that cost too much.
  • You can watch almost anything over the internet (unless you have dial up).
  • Most companies let you pay for internet access without paying for TV cable. Shop around.
  • You’ll watch less TV because you can’t just sit down & hit the on button, you need to plan a little.
  • Less TV advertising makes you want less & be more content with your life.
  • The household is happier because you are not hollering at the kids or our spouse to turn off the TV.
  • Maybe – just maybe you’ll take that time to eat together, just talk or participate in other fun activities.

I have to say those first few weeks with out cable are bad . MAJOR WITHDRAWAL….

We are empty-nesters,

  • so no kids at home
  • no distractions
  • & after a nice dinner (with conversation) the evening stretches endlessly
  • we have said everything we need to say
  • what to do… what to do….WHAT TO DO!!!!!

Well you’ll figure it out, we did.

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