Times have Changed!!

Remember I am in the Mid-life club & I will not be using all of the technical jargon you see in your instruction books! I am doing this because I like to watch some TV & I am CHEAP! and yes I want to make the most of the little time I have left here on this earth. So how do you Stream TV over the Internet?

  1. You need high speed internet.
  2. You need a computer or device that can hook to the internet & your TV.
  3. Some new TV’s already come Internet connected & you can instantly stream.

I have a relatively new laptop & TV that have HDMI (High Definition Multi-Media Interface) ports. This means I can hook the cable from my laptop to the TV & the picture & sound from the laptop miraculously appear on the TV – very cool! If your system does not have HDMI than there are other various AV cables that can be used.

Do not buy the cables at retail stores – like Best Buy or Walmart - unless you like to throw away your money. Buy them online – For example, this one from has free shipping and costs about $1.00 per foot. Compare that to Best Buy where you can pay over $10 per foot! Picture quality is the same across all HDMI cables because the signal is digital and doesn’t receive interference.

For the computer Illiterate – when the show or movie starts playing – there are buttons on the sides of the image, scroll over them & see what they do. Make your image full screen, pause the show so you can fix a snack, turn up the volume etc… Netflix list all of the devices you can stream with; Blue Ray players, playstation3, xbox360, WII is coming out with software this spring & much more….

Now the good stuff… 4 Best Sites to watch TV & Movies over the Internet:

  1. We pay $8.99 per month for Netflix. This entitles us to ~ 19,000 instant watch movies & we can also haves movies delivered to our home. (usually a 2 day turn around). You just need to make a queue (list) of your favorite movies online.
  2. Free service, you can watch TV shows & movies here. There are very short commercials so short you will have trouble getting to the bathroom & back.
  3. Free service & there are TV shows here not available on hulu. We are watching the Boston Legal series right now & loving the characters! (We are trekkie fans & love William Shatner)
  4. NBC Today show – Just launch the video player & can catch up on the news. You can pick the segments you want to watch & cut the crap. Short commercials though.

These are my favorite 4. I know there are more & I would love to hear about yours – please share.

As my husband says (& now our children) Life is too short to watch bad TV.

Let me know any specific questions you have & I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

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