Cabinets - A work in progress

Our home is an 1100 sq ft year round cabin on beautiful Moosehead lake in Maine.

It has been our full-time home for about 7 months – that’s when our youngest Colleen left for University.

Our Challenge! Trying to downsize from 3,000 sq ft & figure out how to be innovative with our new space that has more windows than walls.

So… We have been renovating it ourselves bit by bit

  • some new doors
  • some new windows
  • new fixtures
  • refinishing stuff
  • finishing the basement space into a workshop, Dave’s hunting & fishing closet, a closet for Heather & a family room.

Our winter goal: (nothing makes a winter go faster than an aggressive & slightly unreasonable goal)

To get the basement finished for when the kids came home for Easter weekend, new stuff trimmed out & get the new windows & doors stained & urethaned.

One of the last pieces of the basement project was the entertainment center so last weekend (1 week before Easter) we head to Home Depot. We don’t have much space so we knew we couldn’t get stock cabinets but would have to do something semi customized. Well our designer was very adapt with her program & soon had our desired results. The price tag was $1,500.00 & that was unfinished, no counter-top &  didn’t include a few of the bells & whistles we wanted.

“Well, we’ll do it ourselves” says Dave. So we head over to the wood section & figure that we can build the whole thing for under $400.00. I am in total agreement as I had bought him a Handyman magazine for Christmas that has step by step instructions  – how hard can it be & Dave has great hands!

We have the bases , bottom shelving, counter & back wall done & speaker wiring in along with an outlet for  HDMI  &  coaxial cables. The custom work around the TV & speakers & shelving for the book cases will wait until Dave can rip board outside.

Today is Thursday – 1 day before the kids arrive! (My parents arrive next week)

Bases are built - ready for stain

Cherry stain on Birch

  • I have cabinet pieces all over the living room – in various stages of being finished. (They look great by the way).
  • I have a few wet stairs, that Dave had replaced & needed finishing.
  • 3 solid -  6 panel pine doors & trim need 2 more coats of urethane.
  • I decided as I had all of the stain out – Why not redo a few tables & desk tops.
  • Oh yeah – I need to clean the whole mess up!


I thrive on the adrenaline rush of being under the gun.

What more can I fit in?

Why not write this blog over morning coffee too!

Okay – you full time work people with little children are probably rolling your eyes right now – saying, “is she kidding?” You’re right – but cut me some slack eh! I’m middle-aged & need to get my excitement where I can…

So I know tomorrow at suppertime when the kids arrive:

  • The place will be put back together,  immaculate & looking better than ever!
  • The aroma of a delicious dinner will be in the air
  • Homemade rolls & dessert will be on the cupboard cooling
  • Cosmo’s in the fridge
  • The start to a fabulous weekend!

It is supposed to be an incredible weekend warm & sunny. Dave wants to take his ice saw, that a good friend gave him & go out & cut some ice on the lake. It is a hand saw so hopefully the ice is thinning or we’ll be out there all day. (We can pack the ice in all of the saw dust he created building the cabinets – just like the old-timers did!)

Colleen, we will miss you & wish you were here but you will be home soon – less than 3 weeks! You won’t recognize the place!

2 Comments on I Work Best under Pressure!

  1. Laura says:

    mmmm what’s for dessert??? : )

  2. Matt 2 says:

    Wow! That stand is really coming along nicely! I’m thinking maybe living in a home once owned by a cabinet maker wore off on you two? Can’t wait to see the it finished!

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