This weekend was a gift, really incredible; great weather, family, friends & food!

Ice Harvesting on Moosehead Lake.In the picture you’ll see an Inukshuk sitting on the harvested block of ice. It is the symbol of the 2010 winter Olympics. The Inukshuk was used by the Inuit as a navigational marker so people could find their way.

Dave was given an ice saw by a friend last year & decided Saturday was the day to harvest some ice so he & our son Matthew head out with the ice auger – to drill 4 corners & the saw. Dave has never ice harvested before but he has a dream of having a root cellar, harvesting ice & storing it.
Saturday was the perfect day on the lake – No wind and temps hit a high of 80 degrees by afternoon.

So Matt & Dave head out in shorts & boots to try out the saw. They had already been out fishing the outlet  for a few hours & had got skunked so they were determined to harvest some ice.

They were fun to watch & the saw worked pretty smoothly through the ice, before I knew it they had a 4 by 2 by 2 feet thick block cut & bobbing in the hole.

Okay – now the fun began – watching them try to raise the block out of the hole. They tried iron bars, wood & chains for leverage & pulling but the block was just too big. Our  neighbor was up for the weekend, the engineer & he began to get very curious about the production on the ice so now he was putting his back into the project too!

The block was just too big (if we had some tackle & a few horses we would have been fine) so it was decided to cut it in half.

Those of you in the Southern part of the country are probably asking:

  1. Where the heck do you live – that you have ice on a lake at Easter?
  2. Is it safe to be out on the ice this time of year?
  3. Can’t you just get ice out of the tray in your freezer?

My Husbands answer would be, “Where’s the challenge in that?”

Now my daughter & I are taking turns video taping the whole thing & helping by throwing in a pithy comment now & then between fits of laughter.

After much conversing & sweat – the first block is out, then the second. The crowd is cheering & we decide to celebrate by using the harvested ice for our celebration Cosmo’s! What better use of ice can there be? Dave, being the innovative sort also drills a few holes in the ice for beer bottle holders – nothing to keep the beer cold like frozen slushy water! 

So we are sitting on lawn chairs, on slushy ice, in shorts, swimsuits & boots. Our son Matt even takes a dip in the ice hole – What a sight we make!

Does Life get any better than this? Nope…. Can’t imagine anywhere I’d rather be.

We spent the whole afternoon out there without a care in the world.

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