Once again downsizing has left us with a lot of stuff & no space for it. We have lived without it  for the past 8 months while we renovated & haven’t missed  it so do we really need it? NOPE!

Time for a Yard Sale

We have outfit our kids apartments, given stuff away so the next step  is a Yard Sale.

So Why Now? Because I need to find some “FREE” money to finance my Girls week in the Florida Keys!

No doubt though as soon as I have the yard sale Dave will be looking for something that I have just sold! Tough Luck!

I am an old hand at yard sales as we have moved a lot. When we moved our kids would have their own table at our yard sale, this was their cash to buy their “new to them” toys at our new home & they became very shrewd negotiators.  Often we had to move with what would fit into our suitcases so having control of their own money & knowing it would go to “new” toys lessened the pain of giving up some of their favorite things.

Who knows though how this has really affected them? – maybe they’ll be in therapy in the future.


Who hasn’t felt good about cleaning out all of the old stuff we don’t use anymore & having clean orderly space. We can be overwhelmed at the prospect but as my Dad always said, “One shovel full at a time & it will get done before you know it”. We can change the wording & make that “One room at a time & you’ll be done before you know it”.

If you don’t want to yard sale it, just pack it up for Goodwill & take the tax deduction (Goodwill gives out receipts). My daughter Colleen is a huge fan of consignment shops & she cleans out her clothes closet once a year. She made over $400.00 last year from consignment – not bad.

De-cluttering  is really good for the psyche too, it just makes you feel good – more calm & in control of your life.


What room will you start with today? Maybe the Garage so you can find the lawn mower!

It’s that time of the year!

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