My weekend yard sale went quite well even if the weather did not cooperate. I had a few lulls so I put together some tips for you if you are considering a yard sale & not sure if it is your thing.

If you do not like to bargain, a yard sale is not for you. The Yard Sale crowd loves to bargain & I think this is how the retired crowd gets their weekly thrill. Really.

It’s an experience to go toe to toe with the white-haired permed up Grandma. The first few times you encounter “the Grandma” – you might think kindly towards her & give her a deal, she’ll say how the item is for an unfortunate friend or her little great granddaughter (and go into detail) but my friend – Grandma’s have been around a long time & they know how to work the system – so beware of Grandma, they seem to sense the inexperienced & will pounce.

So, if you think you have the stomach for it – read on……

I treat a yard sale like any other business venture & I am going to share my “vast” experience with you!

Firstly, we are going to use correct business terminology. The possessions you want to dispose of are not Junk. We will now refer to them as The Product. The yard sale is all about properly marketing your Product. Below are some tips to make some extra $$ from your excess product.

6 Best Tips for having a Successful & Profitable Yard Sale

1. Research

  • If you are not familiar with yard sale pricing go to a few sales or flea markets. You may have an unrealistic notion of what your  Product is worth.

2. Advertise

  • Many newspapers run 3-day ads for yard sales & provide signs for you to put up.
  • Put up signage to direct people to your home.
  • Put an online ad in Craig’s List & any other buy, sell & trade.
  • Put some items in the ad that might attract people to the sale. In the spring – bikes, lawn mowers, sports equipment etc.

3. Product Placement

  • Setting up is extremely time consuming. Take time to sort your product.
  • Group kitchenware together, group books by topic & age – you get the picture.
  • Put the kid stuff low. Parents give their children some $$ so have the toys where the kids can test them out, same goes for the kid’s books.
  • Many drive by’s will see the signs & drop in so place the good stuff in front where people will see it & want to stop.
  • Product in boxes does not sell well. Take the time to pull it out.
  • If you have a box of Manila folders or a huge box of paper clip or binders. Price them separately or in small packages. You make a premium & retired people love small packages of this stuff (They do not have room for large quantities).
  • Price everything. Many people will not ask the price & will ignore the product. The “Make me an Offer” tags do not do well either. People want to see the price

4. Goal

  • How much money do you want to make or is it more important to move the product out of your home?
  • Look at the high price items & know your bottom line.  I stick to my guns on items I know I can sell later on eBay or Craig’s List.

5. Pricing

  • Over 70% of yard-salers will want to bargain so price accordingly. If you want $1.00 for an item – price it $1.50.
  • Product can be priced higher the first day & the price dropped for the 2nd &/or 3rd day.  For example – Popular books will sell for a premium so price books higher until the good ones have sold, then mark the rest down.
  • If you are not sure what to price your items – check out Craig’s List or eBay & again go to a few yard sales or flea markets.

6. License

  • Some towns require a license to have a yard sale. Call the town office & inquire.

Setting up & pricing always takes longer than you think.  If you are going to the bother of having a yard sale do it right & make time, it will pay off in the end with more $$ in your pocket. Many people will show up early & put the nix on getting stuff done on the morning of the sale.  Check all of the pockets & all of your purses for forgotten money.

Last of all – Enjoy the Experience – It can be Fun & Rewarding!

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