We are very privileged to have a Camp on a rural Maine lake that is very close to some spectacular river fishing.  It is 13 miles down an old logging road & it is off-grid – which means no running water,  no indoor plumbing & no electricity.

Water tower, outhouse & tool shed

Some of you out there might be thinking hard about the fact we have no indoor plumbing but let me tell you we have an outhouse that is the envy of all of our neighbors – probably outhouse owners all over the world!

  • Dave has hooked up one of those airplane sinks in it so we can wash our hands
  • It is extra deep so you can even go with a pair of snow shoes on & shut the door
  • We have a large window for good light & excellent reading material (National Geographic & fishing magazines dating back to the 70′s)
  • When you leave the door open – which is advisable when it sees heavy use – you have an incredible view of the forest & lake
  • This time of year it self cleans as the hole fills with water so if fiber is lacking from your diet & your excrement is rabbit like it also acts like a bidet – now that’s luxury isn’t it!
  • The down side is that on a cold winters night it is tough to leave the warmth of the camp & make the trek up the hill. As I get older I find that being slightly dehydrated at night is a favorable state so I don’t need to make the trek during the night!

Spectacular fall foliage in Maine

We heat by an airtight wood stove which keeps us plenty warm unless it is winter & the wind is howling – then it is impossible to keep the place warm. In fact we had 2 winter weekends planned this year but had to cancel both because of the weather forecast of cold windy weather.

Dave is very handy so we have a water tower & we pump water from the Lake into the tower  so we do have running water. We carry propane tanks into camp so we have a gas stove & some gas lights. Our biggest luxury is our wood fired hot tub we we fill up upon arrival. Getting the proper temperature in the hot tub is a huge source of pride for me; it is an art & a science but there is nothing better than sitting out there under a starry night or in the early morning hours, listening to the Loons singing in their eerie tones &  having that feeling of contentment & wonder fill you up.

Fishing off the Dock

The kids have grown up with the camp & they love it.

They have also used the camp as a barometer to see if a boy is serious boyfriend material – can he make it for a weekend at camp?

  • Does he like the back to nature experience?
  • Does it like to fish or hunt?
  • How well can he shoot a gun & hit the target or skeet?
  • Can he survive without electronics? (even the cell phone won’t work here)
  • Does he like to play board games or play cards?
  • Does he chip in & pull his weight – there is always wood to carry & pile, fires to tend & other projects to do – if you know my husband you know there are always multiple on-going projects.

Morning on the River

So now you have a mental picture of camp. It is the place I go when I need to readjust my perspective on life.

I can’t explain the feeling I get when we arrive  & I walk down to the dock at dusk to just be, to sit with my feet dangling over or in the water, to feel the quiet, to see the majesty of my surrounding, to hear the loons & frogs & nothing else.

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  1. Matt says:

    “acts like a bidet – now that’s luxury isn’t it!”

    – Oh god mom that’s so friggin nasty.. I’m trying to eat breakfast

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