turns out the Diagnosis was an over abundance of dancing in the Florida Keys!

Key West was amazing & we  Girls had a blast on our annual girls get away – needless to say there was a whole lot of Caffeine, Alcoholic beverages, Spicy Food & Chocolate consumed over a short period of time.

By day 3 I developed pain in my chest along the breast bone & I was really complaining about it – 2 of my girl friends tell me I probably have heartburn as they are also troubled with it & we had been overindulging.

So tonight I just complained about my symptoms to my Chest Surgeon husband saying how it sucks to get old  yada yayda yada….. & how the antiacids are not working.

So his interest is piqued…. he asks a few questions, then thumps hard on my breast bone “ouch!” I say & he says, “does that feel like the same pain?” to which I reply in a pained voice “Yes & IT really hurts now!”

THE DIAGNOSIS:  Sore & bruised muscles of the chest! NOT REFLUX!!!!!

I Guess that’s what happens when you can & DO dance at every available opportunity from Morning til night in Key West!

I must have been doing some special kind of twisting….. I do Know I was totally channeling my 29 year old self.

Can’t wait till next year!

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