How do we women rate at taking time for ourselves &  and do men do a better job of it?

Dave Fishing

So  – what got me in this reflective state?

A friend on facebook posted this quote by Henry David Thoreau

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.”

My husband is a very serious catch & release Fly Fisherman. For most of our married life he has been religious about making time to fish. I remember when he was learning the skill of fly fishing or learning the secrets of a new river - he would literally go months without catching a fish. I came to realize that it wasn’t all about hooking the fish but it was also a spiritual experience for him with his faithful dog at his side. He could drink in the beauty of his surroundings, he had the peace & quiet to let his mind wander freely.

but this is not the whole picture…

After the fishing came the male camaraderie, the guys would gather over drinks & food bonding over the fishing conditions, who caught the biggest fish & a bunch of other stuff . They would spend often a night or weekend at the camp and Dave would come home Happy & Relaxed -well most of the time!

That’s my take anyway, I’ll have to do a “Male Perspective” on this one & get Dave’s view.

but every year he calls & emails all of his buddies, coaxing them into locking in fishing & hunting dates & he gets mixed results.

So how do I rate against him?

Not so good but I am working hard to gain ground, after all – life is short.  I think we women put ourselves last much of the time, we have those darn nurturing genes hampering us.

As I get older I increasing recognize the importance of taking the time to reconnect & foster the relationships with my girlfriends & now I am the one coaxing them to put themselves first & enjoy life. Of course it is easier when the kids are grown & we don’t have to worry about them as much.

The second annual Girls vacation in Key West drove it home for us -  2 more girlfriends  joined  the trip this year & boy did we have a blast acting all silly & having the best time, talking about anything & everything!

The new recruits had such a good time they think we should make it a biannual trip!

Guess What! We came home happy,relaxed & ready to conquer the world!

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