Know how before the summer season starts it seems like you have endless possibilities of fun things to do.

Beaver - our Piece of Paradise

Maine papers & magazines are spouting off their “50 Fun things to do in the State of Maine” & you think, “I live  in this state & I have not been there or I have never done that – maybe this year!”

Our Camping trip in the Northern Maine Woods jump started the season but I want more fun things to do, new adventures to seek out…..

but…. when you set down with the Family with Pen to Paper, start to schedule & plan your weekends & vacation time  – you get a reality check & realize it is darn difficult to get everybody’s schedules coordinated. Between work schedules & prior commitments you are lucky to come away with a few free weekends.

  • My son has set us up on  Google Calendar. It is an online Calendar that we all can sign on to & see what’s on the calendar or coordinate dates.
  • I also am making heavy use of Facebook messaging. My kids will see the messages & usually reply in a timely manner – not so with email.

Landscaping- finishing touches on the Jetty

We (or should I say Dave) always has endless projects on the go. For the last 2 summers we landscaped  & this summer we are re-siding & re-shingling Beaver (that’s the name of our home, which originally was an old sporting camp).

As an aside:  Our camp is known as The Stone Duck. These names came with the purchase & we have been told it is bad luck to change a name.

Dave has a “TO DO” list of projects both at The Beaver & at The Stone Duck. I have just confirmed the number of items on the list at 283. (Finish 1 add 2 is usually the way it works)

Morning fun -Counting Geese at Beaver

How can life be boring with The LIST? I’ll blog about the list at another time but let’s just say it confirms Dave as a bit of an off the wall guy who can only sit still for about 15 minutes at a time!

Heather enjoying life

Anyway…. the summer is pretty well planned out & it is gearing up to be a good one.

This weekend the weather looks spectacular & in-between putting on some siding we’ll do some hiking,  some boating, some gardening, evening campfires with marshmallows & with the temps in the mid to high 80′s I may even go jump in the lake!

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