Last blog I mentioned Dave’s TO DO list with 238 items. I’m not kidding that darn list will be with us forever – growing out of control!

So this week we have just started tackling 2 major DIY projects.

Beaver Before

  1. Re-Shingling the roof.
  2. Re-Siding & Staining our home plus adding lots of neat interesting trim features.

I am a Virgo so naturally I live to be as efficient & organized as possible. Now my husband, as he reads this, might be doubled over in laughter as my main nemesis is procrastination but once I make a deadline I am propelled to get the job done well, on time & on budget, though truth be told – he will be the driving force on this project. He lives to build & loves to be innovative.

Well the time has come & the deadline has been set! Why – our home has sprung a few leaks & the walls are so drafty you have to wear a hat to bed on cold windy winter night!

But – how do we  stick with the deadline & not let this project eat up the entire summer???? What’s the incentive??

A 36′ self leveling bucket lift that moves every which way – the most amazing toy! but it is rented for 1 month & 1 month only!

Beaver - day 4 renovation

The Details:

  • We have a 6″ by 6″ square log cabin & for whatever reason, it is drafty & difficult to keep warm in the winter, it also has a very skinny high profile & is mono colored so we want to finish it in such a way to give it character & some structural definition.
  • We have decided we want to retain the internal character of a log cabin so..
  • We are siding with rough cut Pine boards that will be stained with WoodGuard, which is a penetrating oil, we have chosen Tamarack as the color & will trim it out with barn red stain.

We are day 4 into the project & we have our son-in -law, Seth, helping us out – thank goodness!!

Beaver renovation side view

  • We have been rotating between the roof & the siding as we have had some rain & the roof is still wet.
  • The roof is 3/4 stripped with the ice & snow shield & tar paper laid.
  • The sides of the building have been caulked between seams.
  • Tyvek has been put on the east facing wall & the boards are being put on the wall.

The bucket lift is amazing, can’t imagine doing the project without it!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress – gotta run – work awaits!

2 Comments on Tackling the Dreaded TO DO list…..

  1. Rick Juneau says:

    Hi Heather & Dave,
    I’m happy for you guys, enjoying the best State of the
    Best Land the Great Creator “GOD” , made on this Planet.
    Enjoy and be greatful for all of His blessings upon you!
    As for myself and my Sweet Bride of “2″ years now , we love
    this old farm house on Beech hill road,& we trapped 5 ground
    hogs in the last 4 weeks and transported them a short distance
    where they can watch beautiful aircraft turn onto Final
    approach at night with all the lights on. They needn’t thank
    us, we are glad to do it.
    As for what you should do with your time while you mull over
    your next project, I might suggest you write a short novel,
    using evervthing you have written so far about “You” and
    countless others, & change the names; to make people like
    the characters in the book , and claim it as a work of Fiction
    so it makes the New York times bestseller list. And,
    maybe a character who likes to paint& dreams of being a
    treetop flyer in a model A-Huey. O.K. forget that part,
    but you really should write the book. I read what you wrote
    and you got the Gift, Now go on Kid ! Gather your writings…
    Peace , Rick & Jolene

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Rick,

    Glad you like the blog. It is “all over the place” in terms of content – my ramblings…. My kids have been giving me some suggestions to add a consistency factor. Weekly reviews on wines or places to visit in Maine so we’ll see. Yes! a book would be fun – I have given it some thought & this winter I may put pen to paper & see what happens!
    Well you definitely have given me some fodder for a few pages in the book as you are the one who has taught me everything I know about painting & you shared a number of anecdotes from behind your paint brush – Rick – your a funny guy!
    If anyone needs any painting done – inside or out. Call Rick Juneau at Stepladder Enterprises in Auburn, ME

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