Lots of Pressure in the final week!

All stained - trim waiting for stain in foreground

So much left to do & so few days left but we worked like maniacs & got the job done – more or less…. I was happy with the results & progress, Dave thought we should have got the trellis’s built, special  pergola type trim over the windows, corners & windows trimmed up. I reminded he also worked a full time job so we did damn good!

Anyway, the trim wood arrived wet, soggy wet & after 2 weeks of sitting it’s still wet so today we separated all of the boards & with the wind we’re having today they should get some good airflow. I always go by the golden rule - Don’t paint or stain wood unless it is good & dry or it won’t bond properly & you will be cursed with reapplication for the rest of your life!!

Heather Staining

Heather putting on the stain

So we’ll tinker away at the finishing touches & I’ll post pictures. Gotta say though that the Behr’s premium solid stain went on well over rough cut unfinished wood & the previously stained wood. The Woodguard was also easy to apply with a long nap roller & the rough cut pine soaked  up the stain well.


We spent last week up at camp – The Stone Duck & had beautiful weather.

  • Dave spent the week on the Rapid River helping Aldro French with The disabled Vets at Healing Waters project.
  • I had to leave Paradise & head into Lisbon to show our Property that is For Sale. The one I listed For Sale By Owner, after it was listed with a Realtor for 1 1/2 years. Keep you fingers crossed as negotiation is progressing! Craig’s List is giving me quite a few hits on my website.
  • We had the kids up on the weekend and Dave had a beautiful memorial service for Megan, our Golden Retriever, who we had with us for 15 years & passed on last July.

    Megan's memorial - special spot by the lake

Well, I’ll head outside & tinker.

Our garden is growing well & we have actual tomato’s on out tomato plants – this is very BIG for us! Beet Greens for supper!

2 Comments on Beaver Renovation-just finishing touches left….

  1. Roger says:

    Only Heather would be confident enough to apply brown stain wearing a white shirt!

  2. Heather says:

    Well, I was doing quite well until the last 4 roller strokes – then a huge gust of wind came up & flipped my roller tray in the air! Stain went flying through the air onto me & evenly spraying most of the bucket lift. Thankfully the tray was close to empty but it took a lot of concentrated detergent & mineral oil to wash down the lift & get it looking presentable. ME… well – when the job was done; I had tar from the roofing plus the stain so engine cleaner took care of the tar (nasty stuff) & mean green cleaned up the rest. Back at it today staining the trim & trellis before they go up.

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