The Stone Duck last weekend

You know the adage “Slower than watching Paint Dry”

I’ve got a new one - Slower than watching Wood Dry so you can watch Paint Dry! Soooooo……

We  took a break this week from the Beaver Renovation. The Wood trim is still feeling damp so we have it stacked so it gets good airflow & cover it when the rain clouds move in.

Dave wanted to go to The Stone Duck for the weekend  BUT I hauled Dave into Civilization kicking & screaming! (not a pretty sight)

  • I wanted him to sort through HIS stuff at our property for Sale in Lisbon.
  • He also needed to replace the kitchen faucet, our tenants called about. Now, as many of you know Dave is an EXCELLENT Biological Plumber but he also is just a good plumber. His Gripe was that he had just replaced that faucet less than 3 years ago & why can’t stuff be made to last!
  • He & our son, Matt fenced in part of Matt’s yard so Matt’s new puppy Maggie would have a place to roam freely.

Maine Coast

As a bonus, we decided to visit the Maine coast, meet up with friends on the southern part of the coast then hit the NH (tax free) liquor store.(To you Maine tax authorities looking to squeeze out every last tax dollar – of course we consumed all of the out of state alcohol – out of state.)

So all in all, a fun weekend & my informal survey says Maine is doing well with Tourism in 2010 as the cars going north to ME were almost at a standstill from the York Toll plaza right  into NH on Saturday ~ noon. FYI: To any tourist reading this blog – it’s totally worth it. Nothing like Maine in the summer & boy did we enjoy the warm salty ocean air and good company!

NOW, it is Monday.

Dave has escaped back to Greenville & I have decided to stay in Lisbon for the next 2 days to wrap up the cleanout – one warehouse& one small office bldg. We did the major cleanout last summer when we rented out our home & made the move to Greenville BUT we had massive storage in the office so the hard decisions were not made – JUST DELAYED!


  • 3 trailer loads of “junk” to take to the transfer station.
  • Salvation Army is picking up a truck load of “New to you” stuff today.
  • I am diligently sorting through all of the remaining items & asking, “do we really need this?” & when you now live in a 1300 sq ft home,  with 0 storage space, it’s a damn good question.
  • List some items which might bring some $$ on Craig’s List &/or ebay.
  • Property maintenance: mowing lawn, trimming hedges, making sure everything is in good working order.
  • Have the Property “Move in ready”

My For Sale By Owner website is seeing a lot more activity this summer. I think relisting on Craig’s List every week is helping, as I am getting more “hits” after the relist. I have had a few very serious inquiries this summer so we’ll see.

Our Grandpuppy Maggie

It feels good to be getting this done. We should have done it earlier but there is nothing like the “hint of a prospective sale” to get one motivated.

My friend Roger is also coming up to Maine for a visit & if I remember correctly, on one of his prior visits, he helped me do the cleanup on a previous property sale. What do you think Roger?


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