Heather studying on Crumple Island

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged but I am in the process of creating a new routine & cramming - that’s right cramming so hard my brain hurts.

Thus the creation of a new Happy Hour, “Cosmos & Calculus”

I forgot how much work school is especially when the prerequisite courses are extremely important & I only have a vague recollection of them…..

I am only taking 2 courses – thank the good Lord for that!

  • Calculus 2
  • Strength of Materials (mechanical engineering course)

I was feeling pretty cocky a month ago, I ordered some calculus books off of Amazon & thought, a quick read through & I would be up to snuff – WRONG!!

First day of school!

Had I ever seen this stuff before?? I don’t quite recall… something seemed vaguely familiar about the material… My transcript said yes I had indeed taken the course in 1982 !? I think Calculus was such a bad experience I buried it so deep in my sub conscious that it will never surface.

Strength of Materials was better, I had recall but so many formulas to re-memorize.

So, I have been hitting the books really hard & I have a new muscle getting fit – yes the BRAIN!

You can’t just BLITZ a brain with 6 hours of Calculus a day – you need to build up to it!

This is where the Happy Hour “Cosmos & Calculus ” comes in – Nice ring to it don’t you think?

Not only is the Cosmo a great incentive – just a couple more chapters & you can have your Cosmo.

Sipping the Cosmo while studying:

  1. Settles the brain
  2. Can conjure up some great insight & ah ha moments
  3. Sets you up for a few more hours of work. The I can do anything I set my mind on mode!

But Beware – only 1 cosmo or you’ll  say, I worked hard today,I I deserve a break,  I think I’ll take the night off……

So, tonight I am sitting on the Lake edge with my Cosmo & Calculus enjoying the evening, the loons & watching the sunset and thinking “How great is this! I new Chapter in my life & I am having a blast!”

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  1. Matt says:

    “just a couple more chapters & you can have your Cosmo”… Spoken like a true college student

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