Dave and I are in month 3 of our New Year’s resolution (also known as 1 more thing off of the bucket list).

To become  Registered Maine Guides

If you have read  previous posts, you know this has been a life long journey. We truly have a  love and appreciation of the outdoors and the tradition of the Maine Guide.

By the end of February we were working our way through 2 feet of reading material  & I was obsessing on details.

  • I’m pretty good with a map & compass but how many more ways are there to navigate if you lose your compass & back up compass or are in an area where the compass doesn’t work?
  • So many animals, birds, trees – what if I can’t identify the scat of a Lynx?
  • Don’t get me started on ducks – my heart starts racing just thinking about ducks.
  • Guide friends are saying, “know your lost person scenario” all the while shaking their head – conveying doom & gloom.

So, on my school break last week, Dave & I did a 4 day intensive prep course with the Maine Outdoor Learning Center and it was worth every $$.

My biggest fear was fear of the unknown – not knowing what to expect on exam day and not being properly prepared.

John, Greg & Tammi did an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and helping us prepare for the exam. Tammi even scheduled our exam dates with the State.


March 25th is the BIG day for me! I’m feeling much calmer now that I know what to expect.

Winter has flown by… We are having a blast studying together,quizzing each other, trying to stump each other.

We have spent 29 years together sharing our love of the outdoors and exploring new territory.


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