These past few months have been a blur.

kayaking Wekiva River in Florida

  • Dave and I became registered Maine Guides (so the New Year’s resolution has been accomplished).
  • I finished up my spring courses & did well!
  • Did a bit of traveling to visit family.
  • Had our annual girls week (worth a blog on its own).
  • Got to see the Endeavor space shuttle launch.
  • Home renovations continue and as the weather warms up we are working on finishing touches.
  • Grass is finally growing, plants are in the ground.
  • AND now what?

I am sitting at my computer, at my blog site, for the first time in months, with nothing pressing to do. Well almost nothing – Okay, I am waiting for another coat of urethane to dry  and I need to get started on the new bathroom closet BUT  waiting for “Paint to Dry” – that can take forever.

You know what happens to me when my mind is Idle?

I think

YES!! I know this is dangerous.

I am not thinking about the trivial stuff like what should I make for dinner?

Nope -

  • more like meaning of life stuff
  • or an amazing business idea
  • or an epiphany


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