I said – STAY TUNED so here it the big reveal….

Let me take a sec and give you some background. Since I sold my business & moved with my husband to Greenville, I have been trying to figure out what to do, how to spend all of the free time I suddenly had as a jobless, newly christened empty-nester. Home renovation filled the first year and school filled the second year. I loved school. The challenge of getting my brain muscle back into tip top shape  was a challenge but I had a good year with my grades getting better as the year progressed. I looked at my schedule for the 2011/12 school year and the department wanted me to take classes  5 days per week and maintain a B average. I do not want the stress of a 5 day – 3 hour round trip commute. To maintain a B average I would have to give up my life – just not going to happen folks – life is way to short.

Last weekend all my children were here for the July 4th weekend and we brainstormed, the theme being, “How to keep Mom (that’s me) busy & fulfilled in rural Maine”. The consensus was  I NEED to commit to writing my book. I have skirted around this for years, writing in fits & starts. This is an unknown for me; I am apprehensive and wonder what will flow out from my depths but only time will tell.

Lets make a list of the +++’s

  • I live in the perfect place to write. Most famous authors move to places like this to write. Primitive, wild, elemental. Great to draw inspiration from.
  • I can write anywhere, so  traveling should not interfere.
  • I have the time.
  • I am a voracious book reader – that’s got to help, something must have rubbed off!
  • I have you to keep me in check & disciplined.

the – - -  ‘s

  • hmmm, can’t think of anything, EXCEPT the fear of failure but when has that ever stopped me.

I’ll take the summer to put the outline in place, maybe buy some “How to write a novel” self help books.




Month 1 will start September 1st & this blog will be my online diary of my trials & tribulations.

Want to join me, share my pain, finally write a great American novel?

Let’s do it together!




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