I was a Killer Ukulele player in Elementary school - star  in the school band! Sometime during the middle school years the ukulele got broken but the memories lived on, I suspect they have have gotten even better.

Strumming in Hawaii

I have waxed nostalgically about my musical talent with the Ukulele for years so when we were in Hawaii in 2010 Dave bought me one as a memento of the trip. I got to pick it out & apparently I have bought cars faster than I bought my new Ukulele.

Well -here we are a year and a half later and after dusting the case for the umpteenth time I decided to devote summer campfires, sunrises  & sunsets to relearning the fine art. I downloaded cords, music & a tuner so I am good to go.

I apologize to my family & friend as your campfire time may be less enjoyable for the next month or so but look to the future when we can actually have sing – a -longs!!

IT COULD TOO HAPPEN! (I can still pick “English Country Gardens” without a pause.)

I had better finish packing up, we head to camp in a few hours. I am so excited!


I ordered 6 books on Amazon yesterday about writing fiction & non fiction. I’ll list them next blog. I think my Ukulele playing might help my subconscious with the whole writing process – BRING OUT MY CREATIVE-ARTSY SIDE!

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