Hi I’m Heather and I am new to blogging. Many changes have taken place this year & I thought I would share my adventures, plan for new adventures  & hear about yours!

This past year….

  • Our youngest of 3 just left for University
  • I sold my business
  • I moved to  small town America where my husband works & he  previously commuted to

So I am a 47 year old, married for 27 years, middle aged, empty nester who went through a short lived mid life crisis (or I hope it was short lived!)

This all prompted the “what do I do with my life now” scenario. I went from a 12 hour work day as a small business owner to tons of time on my hands. I spent weeks going through possible scenarios; graduate school online, start a new business in my new town (hard to do in a small seasonal tourist town),  commute to a larger town to work, or just take some time & figure things out. I decided on the last bit & have decided to go with the flow of life & see where it takes me.

I am big on passions & believe we all need to have some.

What are yours?

Mine are …

  • Travel would be the biggest one; I love to travel & see the world, experience different cultures & see what makes people tick
  • The outdoors; I love the wilderness, tromping through it, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, cooking over a campfire & enjoying time with friends & family over the campfire.
  • Dancing & Singing; when I am in my home or in the car I crank up the tunes, sing badly & loudly but with enthusiasm.  I hope I am better with the dancing (my kids may think differently) but I’ll give myself the “solid Gold” seal on that one. I would love to take some dance lessons, I don’t think that is offered in my town but my husband & I plan to go to Argentina for a few months for my 50th birthday & learn to Tango!
  • I love being in shape & physically active. My last business was a physical one so I was in the best shape of my life. I am a bit worried about how I will maintain this during the winter months but hope that the Wii fit I got Christmas will help with that.
  • Reading, I am a voracious reader & I have not been able to indulge for many years so I want to read more this year. My reading taste is eclectic & I would love to hear recommendations from you.

Well, that’s it for now & I look forward to sharing life’s adventures with you.


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  1. Nancy Shea says:

    Well Heather, it sounds like you are keeping quite busy. To be honest I thought being an empty nester would be really hard but I am finding that there are so many things to keep me busy. Biggest thing at our age is fitness and I try and go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week. I have been playing soccer for the last 10 years (hard to believe) and we play all year, so I find the soccer and gym provide me with social outlet that I miss not having Melanie and Michael around. I keep saying that I am only continuing to work out so that when I go to the Dominican Republic in April for Melanie’s destination wedding, I will be able to wear my bikini and not embarass the family lol. You guys will love Hawaii and you know even if you don’t have the perfect fit for your bikini, you will love it anyways

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Nancy, it is great to hear from an old friend. Sounds like you are enjoying life & I look forward to connecting with you on Skype & catching up on the years! Where have they gone…

  3. Ann says:

    You will NEVER be middle aged!
    I knew some of your passions, but didn’t know that we share singing loudly in the car….badly perhaps…but with passion! My other favorite spot is Hannafords at night when they play great oldies :)

  4. Rick Juneau says:

    Hey, Glad to hear you are going to school. You didn’t say What Subject ??
    I read about your math instructor, Check out WyzAnt.com
    They have tutors if you need help in your area, or maybe
    (most likely) -you could be a tutor for someone else.
    Jolene and I are going to the forks on August 26 for 3 days,
    white water rafting, and maybe a short trip into and out of PQ
    Hope all goes well, I also have my LEAD certification for
    RRP in Maine. Regulations are killing small business. Now they want us to get pollution insurance. Where does it end ?
    Peace to you all, Rick

  5. Bill Freeman says:

    nice blog — thanks

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