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Most of us have too little time & never enough money! Cancel your cable TV and stream media over the internet: You’ll put major $$ in your pocket, enough that you can join the gym or do that extra activity that cost too much. You can watch almost anything over the internet (unless you have [...]

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I just spent a long weekend with my oldest daughter Laura, she is  a 23 year old, married,  first year law student and she is  very happy with her life and the path she & her husband are making for themselves. We had a great time together, working out, day trips, reminiscing about her years [...]

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Heather on March 10th, 2010

This will be the 2nd annual Girls Getaway & we’ll be going to Key West for 4 fun filled days & nights in May to reconnect & recharge. Why May you ask? May is more affordable, less crowded & the temps will be tropical. We have increased our numbers from 3 to 6! Yeah! Very [...]

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Heather on February 24th, 2010

Colleen, my 19 year old daughter & I took a surfing lesson yesterday & it was truly exhilarating! We signed up the day before the lesson so I spent the afternoon on the beach watching surfers, their moves & anticipated shredding the waves the following morning – doing the whole visualizing exercise of seeing yourself [...]

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Heather on February 5th, 2010

I am a “look at all of the angles” kind of person & if I don’t see the angle I want I’ll keep looking from a different perspective, with diligence & determination. That’s why I loved the entrepreneur-ism of starting my own business. If something didn’t work right the first time  – by God – [...]

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